LUSH goes business to business

Looking to show your client or staff (or anyone, really) a token of appreciation?

Look No Further Than Corporate Gifts with LUSH!

At LUSH, we understand the importance of keeping clients and your valued work staff happy through what we know best: wine, spirits, food and service. Now, businesses with transactional elements to their work (e.g. real estate, sales, dealerships, and more) can utilize LUSH’s specialized expertise through our business-to-business corporate gifts program. 

Perhaps you want to gift a client a bottle of delicious champagne after finally hammering out those contract details; the closing is finally done on that swanky penthouse or classic bungalow. Or, you just hit your new car sales goal and it’s time to celebrate. Maybe, it’s the holiday season and you want to give your workplace staff members some curated bottles of wine to commemorate their hard work throughout the year.  Whatever the gift, we offer simple and sophisticated food-and-drink gifts (or gift packages) for those looking to ensure repeat business, to recognize your workforce, to appropriately celebrate a closed deal, and beyond. 

Our services to bring your corporate gifts to fruition are even simpler: just call or email LUSH with the number listed below and describe your idea, date by which you need it and the delivery address, and we’ll make your vision come to life. You can be as involved (or as little involved) in the curation process as you’d like – it’s our goal to simply ensure your gifting ideas come to fruition.

Reach out to our B2B specialist for any and all inquiries at