2016 Quinta da Lixa Vinho Verde Reds

Although LUSH's Green June is intended to highlight "green" wines, we are by no means interrupting this celebration with this week's WednesdaVs Word on Wine: the 2016 Quinta da Lixa Vinhdo Vinho Verde Red. a red wine. Unlike what its name suggests. Vinho Verdes (quite literally "Green Wines9 can be red. For one thing Vinho Verde wines aren't actually green — in this case. the term "green" is synonymous with young- — and wines out of this region are also largely white. That said. red Vinho Verdes arent an anomaly; especially those with native varietal Vinhåo, a thick-skinned grape with high acidity, ideal for growing in a region as wet as Vtnho Verde. The 2016 Quinta da Lixa VinhOo Vinho Verde Red is an intense, deep ruby color. However, this is a light wine, characteristic of Vinho Verde. Many red Vinho Verdes possess this distinct contrast. being deceivingly dark in color but ultimately acid-driven and very light. This Quinta da Lixa red has an earthy aroma that evokes dark berries, herbs and some spice. Its palate is fresh and elegant, with balanced acidity that makes it one of the rare red wines that can go with fish. Enjoy a glass of this VinhOo Vinho Verde with something as simple as LUSH's Matiz Sardines, a can of wild-caught sardine fillets from the coast of Spain. Elevate the experience with a LUSH charcuterie board, complete with savory nuts. chef-curated cheeses and mouthwatering meats. Be sure to give the wine 15 minutes or more after uncorking. though. so it can open up a bit and reach its fullest potential.