Domaine Jean Guiton Aligoté

As the days grow longer and winter's chilly bite begins to soften, LUSH is ushering in the month of March with a celebration of all things Montrachet; transporting our guests to the luscious French winemaking region of Burgundy. Around 25 acres of Burgundy land belongs to Domaine Jean Guiton - formerly run by Guiton himself, fully handed-off to his son Guillaume in 2002 a winemaker known for its focus on terroir (the environmental factors that influence a wine's characteristics), which also sees around 5,000 cases of wine each year. While most of these bottles encase red wine, the white Domaine Jean Guiton Aligoté is an elegant and energized choice worth highlighting from this Burgundy producer. Domaine Jean Guiton BOURGOGNE ALIGOTE Appellation Co 2017 geopri par Chile Con 1200 gry les Bour PRODUIT DE FRANCE Siil Planted in a single-vineyard site in 2003, the Jean Guiton Aligoté vines thrive in a ground comprised of mixed gravel and sand. Although such conditions makes warmer vintages somewhat of a challenge due to lacking water retention, the 100% Aligoté wines that begin their journey here emerge with a strong mid- palate texture and unique, fresh brightness - so much so, they could act as a floral and lightly fruity aperitif. Despite its ecstatic nature, though, this wine is also quite rich; in part due to these hand-picked grapes undergoing stainless steel fermentation using natural yeast, and later 12 months of aging in stainless steel. Finally, the wine spends three months in bottle before release. This process refrains from using any pesticides or herbicides, and the Jean Guiton farming approach uses a light touch - as minimally invasive as possible when handling the vines. Bourgogne Aligoté is one of the few wine choices that does not overpower lighter dishes, such as salads or others centered on vegetables. In fact, the Jean Guiton Aligoté is lively enough to be the perfect companion to LUSH's flavor- packed, single-swig oysters. As a result, this wine is an accessible choice for those looking to explore Burgundy's third-most planted grape varietal.